bodyguard – A Remote Island Where Modern Britain Was Born



D. N. Schochet
ORMAT International, Inc. – Sparks, Nevada

ORMAT’s history as a power equipment and technology company is intertwined with collegial and commercial relationships dating back to shortly after the founding of the company, by Lucien and Dita Bronicki, in 1965.geothermal activity
Historically ORMAT came into being to commercialize Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology for high reliability factory integrated power systems. The first in a line of products, known as ORMAT® Energy Converters (or OECs), which have been industry standards over the years, was the closed cycle vapor turbo-generator (CCVT) for telecommunications and pipeline applications. This evolved into a highly reliable, low maintenance power package, which relied on liquid or gaseous fuel to provide between 200 and 6,000 Watts of power at remote sites.
One of the first successful commercial applications of the OEC for telecommunications was the installation of the power units for the backbone microwave system in Argentina. With 100 OEC units were installed by 1971, with many of the original power units continuing to operate until now.  In fact over the years since then a total of 3500 OEC units have been installed in 63 countries world wide, from the TransAlaska Pipeline to Gazprom in Siberia and Pemex in Mexico.geothermal plant
From the late 1970s ORMAT turned its technology vision toward the use of locally available energy sources, such as solar, biomass, and geothermal, to generate commercial power. By the early 1980s several 300 to 600 kW waste heat OEC units have been installed in the USA, Europe and elsewhere.
The first geothermal project using an experimental ORC was a cooperative effort of the Instituto de Investigationes Eléctricas of CFE (directed by Mr. Sergio Mercado) and ORMAT in Los Azufres in 1981.
remote power units


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