bodyguard – Attracting Girls: The Real Body Language Secrets

To attract women, you have to control your body language. While all the body language books out there mainly give you advice about your posture, you need to know specific techniques that will make you attractive to women.
You see, when my friends and I first started out studying this, we would go out to the clubs and other social places and stand upright, following all the rules of good posture. After a while, standing looking like a “stiff soldier” you begin to see how there has to be more to attracting women than good posture.
In fact, I remember one particular time when I was standing completely straight in a nightclub, having a good time, enjoying all the alpha vibes I was giving off, and this girl who was dancing nearby came up to me and then stood up straight just like me, smiled and said that it felt good being there beside me because I was just like her bodyguard.
Now I don’t know how you would have taken that statement but at the time it was very clear to me that I was looking slightly ridiculous, like a military robot. This is also due to the fact that I’m quite tall, six feet three inches to be precise. Right after that episode I resolved to change the “robotic” stance and posture in the future. And that was when we started to develop the concept of body language specifically for attracting women.
Say you’re in a nightclub. First your positioning of where you stand is important. I mean the actual location within the place. DO NOT stand at the edge of the dance-floor with drink in hand, with no smile on your face looking longingly at the girls having fun and dancing. Most women avoid you like the plague because you look like you have “low social status.” And women are not attracted to men with low social value.
Stand by the wall or pillar or against a “not too rowdy” part of the drinks bar in an easily visible section of the club, basically where there is like a wall or barrier behind you. You could be there with your friends. Hold your drink at waist level not chest level and by your side and not straight in front of you.
And here comes the part that seems counter to what good posture would suggest. I would usually lean my back against the wall or barrier in a relaxed, almost slouched position. Notice I am not standing up straight here. In fact, I’m so laid back that if the wall wasn’t behind me I’d certainly fall. And in most cases, I’d have a slight arrogant smirk on my face from time to time.
What signal or impression does this visual imagery say about my character? That I’m super confident, I’m so relaxed leaning against the barrier behind that I’m treating the club like my own home. I look like what you’d expect the owner of the club to be like if he was in the place. I have very high social value and I’m a leader of my peers because my friends are all around me while I casually look around the club.
Result? Any girl walking by with her friends who happen to spot me, (and believe me girls do look at guys in clubs but they’re so discreet about it you wouldn’t know), will find me instantly and subconsciously a man of high social value compared to all the guys standing on the edge of the dance floor looking hungry and desperate for women.


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