bodyguard – Common Objects As Weapons

Martial artist are not strangers to weapons. We train to some degree with swords, sai, bo, nunchakus and other traditional weapons. That weapons help us with coordination and other attributes. Those same weapons are of little use in the street. We would not carry a sword under our coat or a Bo to work. We need other types of weapons for self-defense. We need more accessible weapons.
We can use common objects as weapons. Mobile Phones, pens, combs or car keys. A ladies purse and the objects inside can make a good weapon. In our pockets, in our homes, cars and offices are a great variety of weapons. Most of these weapons are not lethal but can create a time window by inflicting pain and/or creating a distraction. This window will give the time for you to neutralize the attacker in any way you choose.
You can use these weapons in four ways: slice, stab, throw or swing. Walk thru every room in your house looking at every object. Ask yourself this: How can I use this as a weapon? Can this be used to stab, slice, throw or swing? Do the same on your job, in your car. Look into your pockets. Use your imagination.
Pencils, pen, screwdriver or other similar objects can be used as stabbing weapons.
The teeth of a comb can be use in a slicing way against any soft skin like the face causing pain to the attacker. The pain opens a window for us to continue our defense. Push the nose in a diagonal ((upward/backwards) direction with the teeth of the comb (the comb should be in a horizontal position with it’s teeth up). This move has a similar effect as a palm strike on the chin. The edge of a credit card can be the slicer; with the right amount of pressure it can cut the soft skin areas of your opponent.
If you have some object which has a stick form (a ruler, a hand fan) you can use it to hit pressure points with one end or hit the face and the bony parts of the arm in a swinging manner.
A mobile/cellular phone with an external antenna can be used as a stabbing weapon.
Blind an opponent with an “open” piece of cloth.
The coins in your pocket, the rocks on the park, objects on your purse, anything that you can pick up and throw to your opponent will cause him to deflect and/or cover, especially his face. He will be distracted. Use this time window to your advantage.
If you roll tight a magazine, you make the end of the magazine strong enough to inflict pain when you hit pressure points. An open magazine can be use to deflect knife attacks. When doing this, use a firm grip on the spine of the magazine
Other objects can be used as weapons and shields. A briefcase, a chair, can, a book… the possibilities are endless.
It will take a great number of pages to name all you can use as a weapon and how to use it. Everything around can be used as a weapon to some degree. Remember, you can stab, swing, slice and/or throw. These weapons will create a time window by inflicting pain or creating a distraction. Of course, in some causes these weapons can finish a fight. No fight or opponent is the same.
Add the use of these weapons to your empty hand techniques or substitute your traditional weapons with some of these “everyday weapons”. You will discover new possibilities.
Walk in Peace!


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