bodyguard – Danger in the Streets – How to Be Your Own Bodyguard (Part 1 of 2)

There is no doubt that violence in our community is increasing. Look at what happened in the wake of the New Orleans hurricane Katrina disaster. The criminals of the city took it upon themselves to further the trauma by committing all manner of violence and disgusting crimes towards others.
Violence simmers in every city. It is just below the surface – everywhere. Just walk down the wrong street, breakdown in your vehicle in the wrong neighborhood, make an inappropriate remark or even look at somebody the wrong way and you can be in a lot of trouble.
Police cannot stand on every street corner. Nor should they. Hoods know this. They might be violent but many of them are not stupid. They know exactly where, when, how and who to target for maximum impact.
We all know the problem. But what is the solution?
Well, simplistically it all boils down to two basic options:

  1. stay at home behind locked doors (even then you may not be safe)
  2. learn how to protect and, if necessary, defend yourself

Sure, we are under more and more surveillance all the time. Just look at how many cameras were operating in London at the time of the rail and bus terrorist bombings. Nowadays, you are being filmed all the time. Sometimes you are aware of it, often you are not. Do cameras protect anybody? No.
Cameras and to a large extent even the police are effective only AFTER the event. Cameras can provide evidence for Court proceedings. Police can make arrests. But how does any of that help you when you are trapped by a lunatic hell-bent on causing you damage?
In many cases drugs are the cause of violence. That was one of the theories put forward in the case of what happened at New Orleans. It was stated that as the many drug users became more and more desperate and demented for another drug fix they resorted to acts of extreme violence.
You cannot negotiate peace with a violent drug user because the drug is shielding the sensibility, sensitivity, compassion and humanity of the drug taker. All they see you as is a target capable of supplying them with their next fix.
We have now arrived at the point where you could be confronted by a desperate, violent person and there are no police or security guards anywhere in sight. What do you do? How can you be your own bodyguard?
In Part 2 of “Danger in the Streets – How to Be Your Own Bodyguard” I will outline some tactical responses that you can employ. However, if you prefer, you can go directly to my website and view more information on my two “Strike-Back” manuals. Having studied karate for 35 years I have put all my experience into their contents.
You can learn to be your own bodyguard. Stay with me and I will show you how.
This article comes with reprint rights providing no changes are made and the resource box below accompanies it.


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