bodyguard – Learn to Defend Against Any Strike!

The biggest secret of street fighting success revealed!

Most people start doing self defence because they don’t want to get hit in the head but isn’t it interesting that most people after years of martial arts training still struggle to deal with a variety of random strikes being thrown at their head. Sound familiar?

So why is that?

The first thing you need to address is the teaching methods in which the material you have been taught has been delivered too you. If you are still not confident with randomization drills after years of training, it is time to question your instructors teaching methods.

The simple answer is that you have been taught incorrectly. In fact, most self defence systems across the globe teach people incorrectly so don’t feel bad. Most self defence systems teach you in a controlled relaxed state, in an environment where your brain has conscious thought, so that you have the advantage of being able to either pre-determine the attack or know exactly what technique is coming at you. You have time to consciously assess the situation.

Unfortunately in a real situation or in drills of randomization, the brain slips into sub-conscious thought. That means that whatever you have trained most against, that stimulus will come out without conscious thought. In other words without thinking about it.

Here is the catch 22. How many times have you sat there thinking it’s going to be a jab, cross, hook, uppercut etc? How many times have you focused on the technique coming at you? This sort of thinking can possibly get you killed.

So what is the answer?

There are two main secrets that I will reveal too you. They are simple and they work. It has taken me over 18 years to understand and develop this simple theory. It isn’t something that was ever presented to me like this, but I wish it was.

Secret 1: Combative footwork- It is your base that must move before all else. Train it so it is in your subconscious memory. Be able to evasively maneuver in any given direction, left and right. Remember someone can’t hit you if you’re not there to hit.

Secret 2: Ok this is the main one. Study to defend against the 4 main angles, not the technique. Here is the basic theory for hand strikes. Learn to move and counter straight, around, up and down both left and right handed. I hear what you’re saying though. What about the technique? It doesn’t matter about the technique. It’s only the angle of delivery that matters.

Always remember “the body only functions on a few angles but there are many hundreds of techniques that apply to those angles”

Let’s look at the straight angle for example. It can be – cross punch, extended uppercut, jab, five finger spear, vertical fist punch, palm strike and the list goes on.

By countering just the angles of delivering we lessen the amount of things we need to concentrate on. Remember, the brain is like your desk at work. If you have everything neatly organized its quick and easy to grab information when needed. If it’s cluttered and messy it will take you a lot longer to find the information.

The theory is easy and works. Think less, react more. Remember the brain consciously only thinks about 7 things at a time. So keep it simple.

Here is a basic training theory to rapidly increase your ability to defend against random attacks.
? Practice your 8 directions of movement
? Practice countering all angle strikes in isolation first
? Practice moving your body out of the way of strikes being delivered at you.
? Practice countering random strikes using your base and defensive tactics
? Practice countering random strikes with full combat scenarios

Until next time stay safe

Glenn Zwiers


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