bodyguard – The Church Copying the World; Part 2

Course, I would have felt better if my hand was shook by the Bishop and a simple word thanking me for coming and supporting God’s work, as his bodyguard rush him through the crowd almost knocking me and others over. Wonders what Jesus would have done? Its not important how big or little man is, but it is important how big or little his heart is, after all, this is what Jesus is after. Not your fame, which is why Jesus came with none or left with any. So why are you?

I like nothing better then for God word to be spread all across this world so that souls can be saved, I am not interested in a woman having an abortion or a male or female gay person, but I am interested in their souls so that they will have the knowledge to know that abortion is wrong and men being with men is wrong, only God word will convict them and make them see the light, not the Church putting up a fight with the republicans to do it. God did not give the republicans the authority to make a choice for man, man make his own choice. You convict and convince through God’s love not man’s law. For this cause, you do not know how many souls will be lost if the church continue on the path it is on. If you are going to stand and fight for something, then let it be for those that are in need, for the poor, the fatherless and widow that is a sinner so that we can win them over to Christ. That’s love, you can’t say you love my unborn child when you haven’t loved or shown me love first.

Politician lie steal and cheat and yet the church is on the ban wagon with them causing envy grief and strife among people that should be turning to the church rather turning against the church. The television and newspaper is bombarded with so many business and business leaders, that have cheated and defrauded others, people have lost jobs over their greed and cheating and yet, the church want to style herself as being a business and businessmen. Copying the world and falling into satan trap as to why go to church when they are doing nothing any different then the world is doing, every thing satan and his world comes up with eventually someone brings it to the church and soon it gets adopted in to the church family, meanwhile, the church thinks it is looking like heaven and its looking more like hell.

I just pray that all of you that God truly have made Men of God, and Bishops, that if you or the church going to stand for something, then stand for everything. You can’t reject the “Cheating on his wife President” and accept the “Lying untruthful President” You can’t reject the “woman wanting an abortion” and accept the “woman wanting a divorce”, because if you do that’s like saying, on one hand “Thou shall not Kill” an on the other “Thou can commit adultery”. Don’t the two fall up under the same commandment? If so, then why hold one accountable for an act of killing or aborting a fetus and not the other one for an act of committing adulterous when divorcing and marrying someone else is just as wrong.

I voted for the previous President, not because of what he believes in, but because of what I felt he could do to help other people, because I am not selfish with my love, I just love people, I do not care who they are and how they believe or what they’ve done. I believe in a woman not wearing that pertaining to a man, or wearing make-up as jezebel or tight short dresses above her knees or to her thighs when she sit down, pants so tight they look as though she busting out of them, or sleeveless tops or dresses so that when she raises her arms to praise God, if she raises her arms, you won’t see what you should not be seeing. But because I believe this, this is not going to stop me from loving them, being a member in their church or fellowshipping with them. God did not tell me because I believe that way that I have the authority to make everyone else believe that way. God does not work in that fashion, he has more intelligence then that, which is why he gave us the choice to make the decision about our life, Not the Democrats or the Republicans or the Church.


Do this, quietly take a poll in your church, and if the church members are honest, I truly wonder how many of our Christians mother and fathers will admit to taking their teenager daughters to have an abortion quietly. If you would to find just one person then the church should be label hypocritical. You can’t vote against abortion and turn around when it hits your home and you as Christians are taking your own daughters to have an abortion, or you give them hint as to its ok to have because you want to be spared the embarrassment.

The church cannot keep spitting out bullets against one or two acts on the sinners of this world chose to make, when they make a choice on abortion and or being a gay, and have a thousand or more members sitting in their church with logs and beams in their lives. You are dead wrong and I do not believe God approves of this and if the church do not change the path it is on, there will be more devastation to the church then it would the entire world.

You must know that this world is rapidly changing, and it is changing for the worse, because man’s mind is increasingly more deceitful, greedy, and loveless. I was utterly shocked on my way to work this morning, when I turned on the radio station and listen to this preacher that I had recently went to visit. I responded to one of his calls on the radio to send in $77.00 I wrote a check and sent it. Shortly after that I paid the church a visit and was contemplating joining. But I wanted to see if my spirit agreed with it. After my third visit, I left very disturbed. I told myself never would I go back there, because the pastor, simply drained his members dry as far as I could tell, at least he had drained me after having 5 offering.

The first visit to me was a blessing, because I love giving back to God, which is why I’m so blessed. When it is offering time, he have the church stand to bring the offering, and then after everyone makes their round with the offering then he says, now saints its time to bring your tithes and everyone that was paying their tithes on each particular Sunday got up and paid their tithes after paying their offering. After that round, he makes a statement such as, God said there is some people in here that can give $333.00, I do not know if or how many more gave besides me, but I wrote a check for $333.00 I did not mine this because I was giving it to God, what he and God did with it was their business, God told me to give if I wanted his blessing, which doesn’t always include a financing blessing but a health and welfare blessing as well.

At any rate, after this offering no sooner then I sat down, the pastor said, some of you could not give 333.00 but you could give this amount, and he throw another amount out. Then after the member made another round as I sat there, he mention the offering for the radio broadcasting, well, ok, he’s using this mean to get God word out so I gave another offering and then last but not least the last offering was for the sick and shut in.

The second Sunday I came the same thing happen, this time I end up writing two checks, plus I wrote a check for $50.00 and gave to him for his meal for one day, he said he was going to Ohio to preach to the church there again and I felt the honor of feeding the Man of God on one of these days, after all, it is a blessing when you feed a Man of God and his wife.

I did not visit the church the following Sunday but did visited the Sunday he returned, I also visited the Friday night he was out of town because he mention a prophetess that was going to preach, so I visited it again. Well, needless to say upon his return, the same thing again, and I gave a regular offering and then after the member tithed, he said for the church to give $76, then for those that could not give $76.00 he made all that could give $20.00 then of course, the radio ministry offering then the sick and shut in offering. By this time I was very disturbed when I finally looked around and notice that his membership did not entail high ended professional high paying skilled people, oh there were a sizeable amount of people but it looked to me as though he had more poor to middle class of people, although there were some folks that looked pretty professional, he did indeed have quite a membership.

After turning on the radio in my car this morning, he was on talking about the damage hurricane Wilma did to the church, completely destroyed the underground wires causing electrical damages to the church and part of the roof came off and the church had some leaks, and he mention to his member about the majority of them still being in the dark, and that he know that they are tired of eating crackers and peanut butter and jelly and that he was cookie monster because that’s all he ate all week doing the hurricane was cookies. He went on to plead with his radio audience and I presume any of his members that may have been listening. This passed Sunday is when they were able to go back to church although there is still roof damage and other damage, he told his audience that he went out on a faith blessing in telling the repair people to go ahead and fix the roof, and in saying that he also stated that he needed the church to help him raised $9000,00 because the church did not have any insurance.

When I heard this, something completely came over me, I got so upset and just wanted to cry, I could not believe that this pastor that have been in that church for 30 years or more and have as many offering as he does and he has been on the radio for years and years, did not have God church in any insurance, what in the world was he doing with the members tithes and offering? God is my witness, when the members stood to bring around the tithes, just about every one stood in there with envelopes in their hands. So why did this pastor not have God’s house insured, after all, if the members are paying their tithes and offering isn’t that part of what they are paying for or giving God their tenth and offering for?

I wonder how some of these Pastors are able to set up churches and what maybe seen successful to others and me; God is about to unveil the real truth about many of them. Especially those that came that were not called, but came virtually on their own belief.

I truly do care about God’s people, I love everybody, and I do what ever I can to help any and every one that needs my help. I choose no side when at work, I do not discriminate against anyone or misuse or misjudge anyone; I just simply love people. My heart does desire and cry out for the church to take an in-depth look at itself and see if there’s anything there that may need some changes. I think if she does this she may be surprised at what she finds.

God word get out because man soul is the most valuable thing to God, otherwise it would have defeated the purpose for Jesus to come down and die for man if his soul was not important to God. So please let us draw those women that want to get an abortion with God’s love and both those men and women that feel they cannot change their lifestyle when we know they can, because there is nothing to hard for God to change if man want him to change it. The desire, and most of all “THE CHOICE” has to be their own, and if the choice is theirs, that only God gives the authority, not man; then God is going to have the last say over that choice.

One day, before it is all over with, you will finally realize that this world is on the course its on and will get worse because preachers are not teaching disciplines and shamefacedness when it comes to how the members should dress, or their appearance, that should be Holy. There is a difference in how the world dress and how God people dress. The bible say we are a city, that sits on a hill that can not be hidden, and that we are a peculiar people, please tell me what is peculiar about us when we are dressing in the same fashion as the world. It is very peculiar when you see a Holy woman, like me, beautiful as I may be, but with my dresses pass my knees, so that when I sit it does not come to my thighs, or not so tight that you can see all of my curves. Who are we trying to fool here, you think God is that stupid. Are we truly that ignorant to God’s word? Church folks wear any and everything they want to wear, clothes so revealing, pants and dresses so tight, women breast showing, absolutely no discipline what so ever and preachers dare not, preach on this because if they do, they fear they would lose their income, but more then that will be lost in the days to come.

Course now days, (signs of the time) Preachers are to busy spending time on golf course, fitness centers, living luxurious and spending high. They do not know, when God allow the spirit of emptiness to fall on the church, when the church members begin to feels is this all to this? When the world is fed up with a life of night clubbing, fancy dressing, living large, headaches and heartaches, when they finally come to a point in their life that it has to be more to life then this and they come to the church only to fine the church is offering the same thing the world is offering, the dress is the same, conversation is the same, business environment, dancing, lying, bite biting, no love. What then? If the world can’t come to the church and in the time of their greatest need, then what purpose is it of the church?


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