bodyguard – The Role Of The Best Man

The best man is the chief attendant of the bridegroom at the wedding. The honor is typically bequeathed to the bridegroom’s best friend, brother, or the friend that was responsible for the couple’s introduction. In the common wedding in Western cultures, the best man has these duties:

Bachelor party set-up
Taking the bridegroom to the wedding
Wedding planning
Authority and supervision of ushers and groomsmen
Bringing the rings to the wedding
Giving a wedding speech
Giving a toast at the wedding reception
Decorating the bridegroom’s vehicle with streaming ribbons, toilet paper, clanking cans, phrases, and whipped cream
Assisting the bridegroom with pre-wedding nerves, jitters, and questions
Mingles with guests
Dances with the maid of honor
Planning the stag weekend in the UK
Coordinate photographs and rented suits for the groomsmen, often in coordination with the look of the bridesmaids’ formalwear.

Tips the band, DJ, bussers, etc.

Arranges and pays for the transportation to and from the wedding and reception, i.e., a limosuine or town car

The bride has an equivalent counterpart termed the maid of honor. Traditionally – Germany in 200 A.D. – the best man was used to fight off the relatives of kidnapped brides. The shortage of women had the best man’s original role as that of accomplice.

In Anglo-Saxon England, Uganda, and Malaysia, the best man plays the role of bodyguard, protector, and wise counselor in the ways of marriage. Typically, the best swordsman or strongest man was chosen to guard the couple in Anglo-Saxon times.

Your speech should be written ahead of time, and there are plenty of preset scripts, icebreakers, and ideas to work with if you look online. Be confident, be yourself, and maybe you’ll hook up with a bridesmaid! The popular Hollywood flick, the Wedding Crashers, distorts the common attraction people naturally incline themselves to at weddings, but it’s really there 🙂


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